15 in 15: Upskilling and Reskilling [VIRTUAL]

Strategies and resources for upskilling and reskilling your employees in today's labor market

DATE: September 22, 2022

TIME: 11am - 12pm

COST: FREE to all



What is the Chamber’s 15 in 15 series?

The Lancaster Chamber’s 15 in 15 series provides a platform for business professionals to share ideas on a topic relevant and vital to the business community. Attendees learn best practices, strategies, and recommendations from 15 peers. After a rapid 15-minute exchange of ideas, speakers, and listeners alike transition to breakout sessions for further discussion.

Here's What to Expect!

At the height of the pandemic, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published a report anticipating that by this year, at least 54% of employees would need reskilling and upskilling to adapt to the rapidly evolving work environment due to innovation in automation, technology, and a transformative post-pandemic workplace.

Employers gain a competitive advantage when company culture fosters creativity, curiosity, and cultivates a growth mindset. Upskilling and reskilling is a crucial retention tool in today’s labor market, and, as Forbes noted in a recent article, “helps high-growth businesses plan for future workforce needs that align with their business strategy.” Implementing strategies for upskilling and reskilling employees stabilizes your organization’s workforce, increases tenure, and improves outcomes.

This session on Upskilling and Reskilling will focus on how businesses and organizations are fostering a growth mindset in the workplace, creating or refining informal and formal training and development programs, partnering with external training and certification programs, and maximizing resources that exist for upskilling and reskilling, including consultants. After a 15-minute exchange of ideas, speakers and listeners alike will transition to breakout sessions for further discussion.

Each person who chooses to speak will share a best practice or idea for upskilling or reskilling for one minute. Interested in sharing an idea? Contact us to sign up!

Issues addressed:

  • Fostering a growth mindset in the workplace
  • Informal and formal internal training and development programs
  • External training and certification programs
  • Utilizing consultants to provide training and development for small-to-mid-sized businesses


  • Learn proactive strategies organizations are implementing to upskill and reskill employees
  • Hear lessons learned and challenges others are facing in developing or utilizing training and development programs, services, or resources
  • Discuss the application of training and development for organizational growth


  • Catie Krajewski, Four Seasons Family of Companies
  • Tim Shenk, IU-13
  • Sarah Bedsaul, Zephyr Strategic Services
  • David Woffington, Elizabethtown College
  • Kate Zimmerman, Leadership Lancaster
  • Kent Hartzler, North Group Consultants
  • Dave Sload, ABC Keystone
  • Jim Lewis, EHD Insurance
  • Kim Patrick, Career Ready Lancaster
  • Michelle Salinas, Your Language Connection
  • Marlyn Barbosa, SACA/Tec Centro
  • Clayton Lee, Everence Financial
  • Cathy Martin, Workplace Talent Solutions
  • Tammy Eshleman, WellSpan Health
  • Adam Geiman, Eastern Lancaster County School District
9/22/2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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