Sales Growth Academy [VIRTUAL]

Are you new to sales or want to continue your professional development? Check our our 6 week Sales Growth Academy!

PRICE: $995 for Members

             $1095 for Non-Members

DATE: The Academy kicks off on October 10th

What is Sales Growth Academy?

It's a 6-week academy all about equipping you with better tools to manage yourself, your resources, and your relationships in order to meet your business development and revenue goals. Using the Sandler methodology, this course prepares salespeople to competently and effectively navigate the sales arena in the most effective and efficient manner, using tested, proven, and up-to-date strategies and skills. In a supportive yet mentally-challenging environment, this program transforms salespeople's attitudes (and corresponding beliefs, judgments, and actions) to more fully support the outcomes needed to achieve corporate, department, and personal goals. These new attitudes and skills are then turned into defined and measurable actions that bring about successful and sustainable results. 

What's included?

  • DISC behavioral profile assessment

What should you, your employee, or team expect when attending?

  • Identify and adopt a system for selling
  • Efficiently identify, target, and engage new prospects
  • Remove prospect stalls and objections from the selling landscape
  • Qualify stringently and close easily
  • Eliminate eleventh-hour negotiations or demands for concessions
  • Control the development process and keep it moving forward
  • Avoid making presentations to people who can't make the required investment or buying decision
  • Increased self-awareness

Program schedule & content:

*Classes run from 1 - 3pm on the below dates.

Week 1 (October 10th) - Creating a Successful System

  • Discuss and uncover the frustrations of selling and the road blocks we face
  • Learn why having a proven system for selling is critical to enable a win/win for both parties
  • Understand how following a system creates long term, sustainable results

Week 2 (October 17th) - Building Relationships

  • Discuss the results of the DISC profiles and how this information impacts all human interactions
  • Compare behavioral styles and practice adapting your approach to improve your rapport with others
  • Recognize the impact of verbal and nonverbal communication on your ability to connect with prospects
  • State expectations for both parties to minimize uncertainty and misunderstanding

Week 3 (October 24th) - Qualifying the Opportunity

  • Develop appropriate questions to truly understand your prospect's needs
  • Discuss how to assess whether they have the money to fix those needs
  • Determine if they are in a position to make a decision to do something

Week 4 (October 31st) - Closing the Opportunity

  • Recognize there's a path to finalizing each transaction
  • Identify the steps to getting a Yes or No as quickly as possible 
  • Learn to avoid 'over' selling and recognizing buying signals

Week 5 (November 14th) - Prospecting and Tracking Behaviors

  • Select the most effective and efficient prospecting options that make the most impact
  • Identify ideal clients, set targets, and create goals
  • Develop the proper measurable behaviors needed to reach those goals
  • Manage and track schedules of activities based upon budgets of time and expenses vs. results

Week 6 (November 21st) - Managing Your Mindset

  • Manage technique, behavior and most importantly, attitude, to achieve maximum success
  • Address your fears, uncertainties, and doubts and shift the focus to strength, confidence, and control
  • Facilitate transition from buyer-seller to strategic partners working toward a mutually beneficial outcome 

PLEASE NOTE:  this program is done virtually via Zoom

All participants who sign up for this program need to have a camera on their computer and have it turned on and be visible during the sessions (via desktop or laptop computers, not via cell phone and not while driving or in the car).  Participants must be at a desk or table to be able to do written exercises and engage in breakout conversations with other participants.

Meet the presenter!

Greg Orth

As a business executive driving sales, marketing, and corporate strategies, Greg has spent the last 20 years working closely with Fortune 500 businesses utilizing unique approaches to business processes as well as innovative thinking to drive improved results. Greg honed his business sense spending nearly 15 years in a variety of sales and management roles with the Hershey Company. Working in the consumer packaged goods arena, he helped companies maximize their selling efforts utilizing consumer behavior and shopper analytics. 

Greg decided to leave the corporate world behind and take his skills and experiences to Sandler Training in order to help local companies achieve their business development and financial goals. Before Sandler, Greg spent 5 years working with McKinsey and Co. and Henry Rak Consulting Partners. His goal today is to help you identify the gaps that are keeping you from reaching your pinnacle of success. 


10/10/2022 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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